Pearl Daisy

“How can we make young women more comfortable when talking about their vagina’s ?”


The only way that shift in thinking can happen though is if we talk to young people more about sex -- if we normalize those discussions, integrating them into everyday life, talking about those intimate acts in a different way -- the way we mostly have changed in the way that we talk about women in the public realm”.  Peggy Orenstein


Equality for all. 

Pearl daisy was a project that came from a personal stand point. My interest was not just the word “vagina” but the large array of stigma’s and taboo’s that came with it.

 I wanted to design something that could be a point of  conversation about sexuality, vaginae and the normalization of secuality in our society. 

This is where pearl daisy was born (Pearl (clitoris) Daisy (female masturbation: daisy chaining)) Pearl Daisy would be worn by women brave enough to be a safe space for others. A conversation piece as a research method was my goal.

In the end, I designed 4 pieces. A coat with a lot of badges that looked like vulva’s, two dresses and a necklace. 


A book that really showed me insight into the consistent shame-culture of our society is The Female Face of Shame. A book that was written by Erica L. Johnson and Patricia Moran: ”A glance around the world reveals women’s bodies are clothed and covered in much more intricate and culturally freighted modes that are the bodies of men. The female body is experienced as much as a liability as it is a source of pleasure. Control of female sexuality (and the female body) has been institutionalized in social and religious forms for hundreds of years and more, often involving the shaming/stigmatizing of female sexuality and appearance.“

The extensive research that I did for Pearl Daisy made sure that I was informed and enthused to keep going and to understand the importance of feminism. We need to normalize the conversation, by shocking people with a campaign, or by designing a product that is so incredibly beautiful people are inclined to buy it and promote the message that comes with it. We need to integrate the vagina into daily life discussions, talking about the intimate parts of your body in a different way. This resulted in the collection of wearables that I designed for Pearl Daisy.